Nima Rumba, “My Brother Supported My Passion In Music”


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Nima Rumba, a name that needs no introduction in the Nepalese music industry. He has been an integral part of Nepalese music industry for almost three decades now. He is well known around K-town for his charming looks and his amazing records. One can never get enough of his songs, which are of course euphonious and numbers so groovy that will surely get you humming and onto your feet before you know it.

Our team got an opportunity to meet him and talk to him about his life and his music. We got to ask him various questions out of curiosity in an attempt to get a closer look into the life of ‘Nima Rumba’.

#1 How do you describe your musical journey till now?

It’s been a wonderful journey till now, a really adventurous one. I have had many ups and downs during this time. So far, it has been a journey of almost 25 years. When I look back at my journey, I can say that it was an enjoyable one. I started my career in the early 90s. So, I have seen the transition from that time till now. From the era of black and white TV and now the era of information technology and I am still going on with my journey. So, it’s been a very interesting journey.

#2 Were you interested in music from the early ages?

I have been interested in music as long as I can remember. I was interested in art too, maybe because my dad was an artist. I was good at it, maybe because of my dad.

#3 Are you still interested in art?

I am, but I don’t draw or paint like I used to before. But as a child, I used to draw a lot. And if I had followed my dad’s profession, I could have grown up to become a thanka artist.

#4 How much support did you get from your family when you were just starting your career? What about now?

Unfortunately, our generation didn’t get the support from the family to start a musical career. Only some got the support of their family. My family also didn’t support my decision. I was one of the unfortunate one. At that time SLC was considered much important than anything else. Our parents wanted us to pass SLC with high marks and then look for a job after that. Not just my family, most of the family in my society followed this typical norm. Studying was the only thing our parents wanted us to see doing. Extra activities weren’t much appreciated.

My big brother was the one who supported me. After my SLC, I was on the verge of starting my career and my big brother helped me a lot.

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#5 You write your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs?

I find inspiration from different things. Sometimes it may be something that I have experienced, sometimes it may be something out of my imagination and sometimes it may depend on how I imagine the future. My past struggles also act as an inspiration to me while writing.

#6 What was your first solo song?

The song was called “Jadai chu tadha tadha”. Which I composed by myself in 1992.

#7 What do you consider your biggest achievement in life?

Having spent 25 years of my life in this sector, whenever I travel around Nepal, people all around Nepal recognize me and they show their love towards me. So, I think my biggest achievement is that people all over Nepal know me as a singer and they recognize my name.

#8 What are your top 5 songs on your playlist right now?

It’s been a long time since I last updated my playlist. Right now, I think it’s a mixed playlist which consists of all kinds of music including pop, international music and western music.

#9 Who do you consider your all-time favorite artists?

Everyone knows this, my all time favorite is late Arun Thapa. I enjoy his songs very much. I also enjoy listening to Gopal Yonjan, Narayan Gopal. Talking about my idols, I respect Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson.

#10 What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing or producing music?

When I’m home, I watch a lot of TV. I enjoy watching movies. I also spend my time using social media. I check my Facebook. Apart from that, I also love to travel.

#11 Do you have any upcoming projects lined up?

Yes, I have an album in holding. My new album is coming up. I have been holding this album for nearly about two years. I am still working on that album. The past few years have been really tough in Nepal. We artists have to think carefully before launching an album, looking into various aspects. The era has changed and moved forward into an era of technology and we artists have to change our strategy to match the change in era.

#12 How much do you practice before you finalize a song?

While producing music, I like to start from the hardest part, which is composing music and selecting the lyrics. After that I have to spend some time in the studio and then finally after that, I keep my voice in the song. Maybe due to the experience I have in singing, singing is the easiest part for me while making music.

#13 How often do you feel nervous?

I’m always nervous actually. Before I enter the stage in any shows, I feel kind of nervous. Before entering the stage, I feel like every show is my first show.

#14 Do you have any incident that you can never forget?

Before I started my solo career, I worked in a band. We called ourselves ‘The Peace’. And in 1991, our band took part in a national level competition and contested against almost 50 other bands. Our band got the second prize. I can never forget that moment of my life.

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