Pranab Joshi, “My First Script Was About A Super-Hero Character”

Resham Filili, the first movie directed by Pranab Joshi, was on the news, TV, internet, almost everywhere before its release. The much popular song, “Jaalma”, which generated a lot of hype, was loved by Nepalese all over the world. Though the earthquake disturbed first release date of the movie, it was able to get good result when it was released for the second time on Bhadra 11.

After getting success from his first movie, Pranab Joshi is currently working on a script for another movie. I got an opportunity to speak with him some days ago to realize that he has come a long way in the field of video and movie direction. You might be surprised to know his background before Resham Filili.

He has done Bachelor’s in Architecture, but his interest in movies, led him into video and movie direction.

Directing his second music video back in 2006, which was Prakriti, by The Shadows Band, he has been involved in direction of many music videos after that. Banma Fulyo Phool is another super-hit music video directed by him.

“After doing frequent music videos, I started to have interest in movies. My first script was about a super-hero character. I haven’t been able to work on that project because of budget problems.” he said, “Nobody is willing to fund it.”

“Then, I developed a short movie named, ‘Between Matina’. After that, I got an offer from Madhav dai, then we made Resham Filili, with a team of Vinay.”

Another surprising fact about him is that he was once part of a band named X-Marica, where he used to play Bass. One of the famous songs of that band is, Hamro Nepal. He was also the producer of a live TV show named “Play It On” on NTV Plus.

People as versatile and dedicated as Pranab Joshi can help improve the quality of Nepali movies that are being made. We look forward to watching amazing creations from him in the future.

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