Utkal Thapa, “I Have Always Loved The Work of Tulsi Ghimire Dai”

Tell us about your childhood, where and in what kind of environment did you grow up?

I have great memories of my childhood. I grew up in Kathmandu with a loving family and a close knit of very good friends.

Did your family support your decision to become a film-maker?

Yes, in general they have always been supportive of my career choices.

Can you tell us the first movie you ever saw?

That was a while ago, the one I remember and remark is “Chotta Chettan” just because it was the first 3D movie I had watched at that time and I was very fascinated with those colored 3D glasses and the 3D technology.

What was the most difficult scene of the movie, Junge?

There were many challenges along the way. One particular scene that I recall is the temple scene where we had hard time controlling the crowd which made completing the scene extremely difficult.

There are various stories of Nepalese people that are worth illustrating. Why do you think the Nepalese directors are not trying to make biopics of honored people of Nepal?

I cannot speak for others but in my case I believe biopics are always a complicated topic that requires a lot of research & funding. Also, giving a particular character/topic justice is immensely difficult. In saying that, the direction Nepali movie industry is heading and with lots of talented directors, I am sure sooner or later we will be seeing some biopics movies.

Please share your thoughts about indie cinema!

I commend indie film makers for tackling raw and real subject matters.

In Nepal, can you please name one director whose work you really appreciate and why?

I have always loved the work of Tulsi Ghimire dai, his subject matters have always been close to home and always gained appreciation from Nepali audience.

What factor do you believe you have that make you different from other directors?

I am only taking baby steps in the industry so I guess I will let my audience decide that.

As a film-maker, who is your target audience?

There have always been two groups of audience in Nepal, namely multiplex audience and single screen audience. My aim is to narrow the gap between these audiences and make movies that are hopefully relatable for all.

Name any 3 international films that you think is a must watch.

Not in any particular order:

Argo (English)
Masan (Hindi)
The Motorcycle Diaries (Spanish)

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